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Our tradition

in pastry-making


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The Cremeria Naretti is a renowned ice-cream parlor, bar and pastry store in the Canavese area, and has been such for 40 years now. It’s the ideal meeting point for families, groups of friends, birthday parties as well as party reception.

The genuine craftsmanship together with the never-ending  research of the perfect ingredients, is at the basis of the well-known quality our store delivers to its customers.




Opening times


(From 10 Sept)

Monday : closed
Tue-Thu :
07:15 – 19:30
Friday :
07:15 – 24:00
Saturday :
07:15 – 01:00
Sunday :
08:00 – 20:00


(From 7 Jun)

Monday : closed
(except feast day)
Tue-Fri :
07:15 – 24:00
Sat :
07:15 – 01:00
Sun :
08:00 – 24:00


find us!

Via Roma 39 - 10090 Montalenghe (TO)

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